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Business Sales

Are you thinking of selling your business?

The business sales process is complex and will take time, so you’ll want a knowledgeable and experienced professional who values you, treats you with respect and appreciates just how much the business means to you.  Someone who listens, talks your language, takes the time to give you all the support you need with your best interests at heart.  They also need to be discreet as far as your staff and customers are concerned.

How we work

At J S Reakes Ltd we are committed to achieving the best price, but also making the process as painless as possible. Ideally, we like to meet with you to discuss your business and future plans. We can also arrange a discreet visit to your business if required. Once we have the necessary information, we arrange a follow up meeting to discuss the value of your business, including a full breakdown showing how we arrived at this figure. The next step is to agree a marketing strategy that suits you and agree contract details.

Some of the businesses we sell are confidential and won’t be found online. So we actively seek out potential buyers from our pool of contacts . Then we approach other individuals or business that we believe would be interested.

You will receive regular updates throughout the sale process, so that you are kept in the picture.

Businesses for sale

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