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We have over 25 years experience of valuing businesses, commercial property and selling businesses with a focus
on Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Pharmacies and Dental practices.
Property, Business, Valuation, Pubs, restaurants, Selling, Rent review.
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Need A Valuation?

Valuations are not just needed when thinking of selling your business they are also required for rent reviews, lease renewals and lending etc.

Thinking of Selling?

we take the time to really appreciate your situation, the way you like to work, what you want to achieve, and the fact that every penny counts.

Businesses for sale

Looking for an opportunity? Check out the latest listings and if there is anything that interests you please get in touch for more information.

What our clients say about our work

Where to Start

Need a Valuation?

Can’t get past go?

There are many reasons you might need a professional independent valuation of your property, your business or both. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions below then we can provide the answers, numbers and documentation you need to get things moving.


● Are you a business owner, or professional advisor that needs specialist advice to help with making a strategic decision?
● Do you need a valuation of your current business or property interests before moving ahead with your plans?
● Do you want to unlock the value within your business or property?
● Are you trying to negotiate better terms of business with a partner or third party, or do you need help settling a dispute with your rent review or lease renewal?


What is an independent professional valuation report?

An independent valuation report follows the RICS red book procedures and provides you with:


● A reasoned and researched valuation of your business and property by a professional valuer

● Detail regarding the current market place

● Comparable evidence to support the valuation

● Can be relied upon by third parties

● Follows professional standards set out in the Red Book


This takes approximately two weeks however this is dependent on your requirements it is best to call us early to discuss.

Your business is your life!

You’ve worked incredibly long and hard to create it. When the time comes to sell you will obviously be keen to work with an agent that appreciates the full value, and helps you achieve it.


The process will involve a lot of emotion, and take time, so you’ll want a knowledgeable and experienced professional who values you, treats you with respect and appreciates just how much the business means to you.


Someone who listens, talks your language, takes the time to give you all the support you need and has your best interests at heart. They also need to be discreet as far as your staff and customers are concerned.

Thinking of selling?

How we work.

● Discreet initial visit


● Follow up meeting to discuss the value including a full breakdown showing how we’ve arrived at this figure.


● Agree a marketing strategy that suits you.


● Provide regular updates throughout the sale process so you are kept in the picture.


● Advise you on how to achieve the best result.


We are committed to achieving the highest price, but also making the process as painless as possible.


Some of the businesses we sell are confidential and won’t be found online.


We actively seek out potential buyers from our pool of contacts and by directly approaching other individuals or business that we believe would be interested.

Businesses for sale

Looking for an opportunity? Check out the latest listings.

For sales details Contact Us!

About Us

A family Business.

We’re a husband and wife team and take great personal pride in offering you the very best advice, support and service. We believe business and property owners deserve access to professional, independent, customer focused advice from experts who not only know their stuff but really care about doing the very best for their clients.


Jon has over 25 years of commercial property experience and an in-depth knowledge of pubs, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies and dental practices. Jill joined the business in 2015 after a nursing career working in the NHS. Jill has worked in teaching hospitals across the South and South West of England.


J S Reakes provides advice for clients across the South West of England on all aspects of business, commercial and residential property.

We know, from personal experience, what it feels like to build something from scratch and to give it your all. We take the time to really appreciate your situation, the way you like to work and what you want to achieve.

What you can expect from us.

We focus on providing you with relevant advice that is tailored to your unique requirements so that you can make the right business choices.


We believe in transparent and independent business relationships. We communicate in whatever way works best for you.


Our focus is on doing a great job so that you’ll use us again and recommend us to others.


We adapt our marketing to suit your needs. We don’t believe one size fits all.


We care about finding the right solution, the one that is best for you and the sustainable success of your business.

Customer Stories & News

Who we’ve helped, what’s happening in the market, industry insights…

  • “A lifestyle business is a business set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income and no more: or to provide a foundation

  • MacDonalds first opened its door in the UK in 1974 in Woolwich. Hamburgers were priced at 15p and cheeseburgers were 21p. There are now approximately 1,249 MacDonalds tradi

  • Mimi’s Diner is the real deal, she is one of four genuine diner cars in the UK. Mimi’s has been lovingly restored by its current owners and includes mini juke b

  • Pulican’s have campaigned for the freedom to purchase beer from whoever they want to for many years, and thanks to a brand new statutory Pub Code for some tenants their wis

Contact us now to arrange a discreet initial visit.

St Brandons House, Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5QT