Professional Advice

Our professional advice is tailored to your requirements to help support your decision making and to find the right solution for you.

In addition to our valuation services you may require our professional advice. We can act on your behalf in a negotiation or you may want our direct input in a business decision.

We provide valuation and strategic advice to owners of commercial property. This can include advice when purchasing a property for investment purposes or to occupy the premises yourself.

We have extensive knowledge of the licenced leisure and medical sectors. We can provide you with advice on the value of the business as a trading entity considering the licence/contract and the profitability of the business.

Some decisions or outcomes can become stuck due to indecision from either side. We can assist in unlocking progress by providing professional advice. This includes negotiations with existing shareholders, exit or succession planning, or planning the growth or your business or property portfolio.

We are experienced in providing business and property owners with additional support over the long term.

Please do contact us to discuss a way forward, so you can make an informed decision and engage our services if needed.

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