Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution in business and commercial property

Disputes can arise between parties involved in Businesses, commercial property or property management, causing unnecessary delays and headaches. These disputes can quickly escalate if not handled properly therefore having a reliable method for resolving conflicts is essential.

When disputes arise regarding rent review, they typically revolve around the proposed rent increase or decrease and whether it accurately reflects the terms outlined in the lease agreement.

Disputes can be resolved by the following methods

Negotiation: We believe in the power of open communication and collaboration. We work to find mutually beneficial solutions that satisfy all parties involved depending on the situation and specific instructions.

Mediation: Sometimes a neutral third party can facilitate constructive dialogue and find common ground. We facilitate discussion and help parties explore potential solutions in order to reach a voluntary agreement.

Expert Witness Services: In more complex commercial disputes where mediation and negotiation have failed, parties may call upon expert witnesses to provide their knowledge or opinions related to technical aspects of the case.

Arbitration:  Arbitration provides a structured framework for resolving disputes efficiently. This process is more formal than negotiation or mediation and can resemble a simplified version of a court proceeding. It is subject to the Arbitration Act 1996 and a qualified Arbitrator must be instructed.

Our chartered surveyor is qualified as an Arbitrator having gained an RICS Diploma in Arbitration

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