The future of commercial development in Bristol

The future of commercial development in Bristol

The potential future for commercial development in Bristol and North Somerset.

In this article we are discussing the potential future for commercial development in Bristol and North Somerset. 20,000 homes are planned to be built in North Somerset and there is a push for increased ‘affordable housing’ in Bristol. Due to this we expect an increased demand for commercial development as well.

Housing projects at Filton Airfield are incorporating commercial property and development into residential plans. Construction of the YTL arena is one example of this. However, housing developments in North Somerset that are situated in many of Bristol’s commuter towns such as Nailsea are more focussed on the residential demand and housing targets set by the government.

Bristol is internationally known for its sustainability being named Europe’s green capital in 2015. It has also been awarded the gold sustainable food city status earlier this year. This could play into the future of commercial development. As sustainability and affordability are significant focuses of planned projects in Bristol’s future.

Developments throughout Bristol are intending to incorporate improvements to bus and train links. These include the regeneration projects in Knowle West and Hengrove as well as the previously mentioned YTL arena at Filton Airfield. The Brabazon estate development has plans to build the biggest park in the southwest for 50 years. This is another example of residential developments providing green spaces and more than just housing in the Bristol area.

Outside of Bristol…

However, in North Somerset presently there have been several developments that have prioritised the need for residential over commercial property. In Wraxall the Battleaxes pub is an important area for members of the local community to meet up. It was briefly put up for conversion to a residential property before being halted by North Somerset Council.

In Bradley Stoke, residential development has taken over an area designated for a health care centre near Willow Brook shopping centre. Residential developments may be prioritised due to current housing demand and government targets. However, commercial property will have to be developed alongside which is being considered for the many developments in Bristol but less so for ones taking place in North Somerset. North Somerset developments are bringing thousands of homes into towns such as Yatton and Nailsea.

Weston-Super-Mare will also receive a large increase in residential homes. Specifically in ares north of the A371 and east of the M5. As the largest settlement in North Somerset there is the most space and infrastructure available for growth.

Covid-19 Impacts

The impacts of Covid-19 on commercial business and property development may have significantly altered plans across the UK. However, the need for affordable housing is still present and will continue to push residential development.

We just hope that commercial considerations are taken into account in local areas to provide long term jobs for the residents. While also preventing a pattern of increased commuting and car use due to infrastructure falling behind. Although, we fear this may have already started happening.

For more information about the future development plans in Bristol and North Somerset, look at Brabazon Estate and YTL Arena planned development, as well as regeneration and planning projects in North Somerset.

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