The Devil is in the Detail - JS Reakes
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The Devil is in the Detail

With most property decisions comes paperwork.  The paperwork enables tenants and landlords to record the agreement reached or to set out the terms on which they have decided to work in the future.

These documents take many forms such as Leases, Rent Review Notices, Deeds of Variations, Heads of Terms etc. In all of these cases the Devil is certainly in the detail, and in most cases it is wise to involve a solicitor or surveyor or both. Recent cases we have come across include:

  • Notices served outside of legal time frame meaning the tenant was unable to restructure their tenancy and reduce costs significantly.
  • Additional non-negotiated clauses being added to a Deed of Variation in the hope that the other party signs without noticing.

These agreements can dictate the way in which your business operates and can be crucial in maintaining a profitable future. We have seen cases in which tenants have had to hand the business back to the Landlord to run under management after spending years of time and effort building a successful business.

If you would like some assistance to see whether the paperwork you receive reflects the deal that you have agreed please do get in touch


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