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Public Transport Plans in Bristol

This month we continue on with the transport theme from last month. We are discussing the present and future changes to public transport in Bristol. Bristol has a range of …

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Pedestrianisation in Bristol

This month’s article is on pedestrianisation! We thought we would look deeper into changes to our high streets that we have seen more and more often. Pedestrianisation is becoming more …

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COP26 and Small Businesses

This month we discuss how the COP26 and climate change policy could impact small businesses and how SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) can help in the fight against climate change. …

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Social Care, National Insurance and Corporation Tax

This month we discuss the changes to National Insurance, social care and corporation tax that were recently announced. We also discuss how these changes are going to effect business owners …

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The future of commercial development in Bristol

The potential future for commercial development in Bristol and North Somerset. In this article we are discussing the potential future for commercial development in Bristol and North Somerset. North Somerset …

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The Pub Code and MRO five years on

The Pub Code has now been in existence for over five years, so surely the path has become a bit clearer? Publican’s have campaigned for the freedom to purchase beer …

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Changes to the planning system from 1st September 2020

Changes to Use Classes Order In England – How will this affect my business? From the 1st of September 2020 changes to the planning system have been implemented. The changes were …

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