Licensed Leisure Industry

Licensed Leisure Industry

This month’s article is about specific scenarios where valuation is commonly required within the licensed leisure industry. 

The leisure industry includes businesses such as hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes and breweries. The purpose of a professional valuation is to determine the financial worth or value of a business. Where we mention business valuation this includes the property as most licensed leisure businesses cannot trade without a property. 

Valuation is an essential part of the process in the following scenarios: 

  • If you are buying or selling any licensed leisure establishment, a valuation is essential to determine a fair price. Both buyers and sellers want to ensure they are getting a reasonable deal based on the business’s value. 
  • Investors and lenders will require a valuation to assess the value of a licensed leisure business before providing funding. A valuation helps them determine the potential return on investment and the level of risk associated with the business. 
  • If you are negotiating a lease renewal, a market rental valuation can help determine fair rent rates based on the property’s value and market conditions. 
  • In legal proceedings, such as partnership disputes, divorce cases involving business assets, or insurance claims related to property damage or loss. A valuation is provided by an independent expert in these cases.
  • As a business owner you may need a valuation to make informed decisions about expanding or renovating your businesses.  
  • If you are considering exiting or retiring from your licensed leisure business, a valuation is crucial for determining the sale price and planning for a successful transition. 
  • If there are changes in ownership or structure, such as bringing in new partners or buying out existing ones, a valuation determines the value of shares or interests. 
  • In cases where licensed leisure businesses merge or are acquired by other companies, valuation is crucial for negotiations and determining the share exchange ratio or purchase price. 
  • A valuation is important for estate planning, inheritance tax calculations, and other tax-related matters. It ensures that the value of the business is accurately assessed for tax purposes. 

Overall, valuation plays a central role in many aspects of the licensed leisure industry. It provides a clear understanding of the financial health and value of businesses within this sector.  

At JS Reakes our focus is to provide professional valuation services for business and property owners. We take great personal pride in ensuring all our clients receive tailor made advice and excellent customer service. 

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