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JS Reakes supports The Theatre Shop

As a member of the Clevedon 100 Club, JS Reakes has made a donation to Somerset theatre companies Living Spit and Theatre Orchard for the second year in a row.

The performing arts group specialise in theatre, comedy, music and dance both in the pop up ‘Theatre Shop’ and on the streets of Clevedon.

JS Reakes Director Jill is looking forward to the summer programme which promises something for everyone:

“We took the family to watch their performance of Scrooge at Christmas time and it was fantastic. The kids loved every minute of the show and so did we! The Theatre Shop has so much to offer Clevedon residents and visitors alike and we can’t wait to see the explosion of vibrant music, entertainment and drama hit the streets again this summer.

We’re thrilled to support The Theatre Orchard, who will help bring hundreds of visitors to Clevedon, providing a welcome boost to the local economy. As members of this community and an independent company ourselves, it’s important for us to support our own and we would encourage everyone to come down and join in on the fun.”

Performances successfully kicked off on 10th June and will continue until 9th July. Crowds can enjoy a brand new alfresco show from the fabulous Acrojou, whilst Ballet Central bring Pas de Deux on the Pier and Avanti Display shower the town centre with a seminal street show ‘The Spurting Man’.

Fiona Matthews, Creative Producer at The Theatre Orchard says:

“We are enormously grateful to JS Reakes for their continued support.  The support of local businesses is vital to the ongoing success of Theatre Shop for financial reasons but also as respected voices that endorse the social and economic value of a vibrant cultural offer for Clevedon and wider North Somerset.  As Theatre Shop becomes an established part of the cultural scene in the area, we hope to continue our positive partnership with JS Reakes into the future and look forward to welcoming representatives of the company and their clients to many more of our shows.”

To book tickets visit www.theatreshop.org.uk

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