JS Reakes highlights of 2023

JS Reakes highlights of 2023

Merry Christmas from all of us at JS Reakes!

To end the year of 2023 we are going to look back at our highlights here at JS Reakes by reviewing your favourite articles. Every year we look back to see what interested you the most, the following articles are your top 3.


  • The Best Location for Your Business

In April 2023 we gave you some advice on finding the best location for your business.

We started by giving our golden rule to remember – locate as close to your target market as possible.

We then went onto to give you our advice based on some prime locations as well as some information on deciding between leasehold and freehold.

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  • Effective Dispute Resolution

In May 2023 we wrote an article on effective dispute resolution where we gave you our knowledge and advice on finding the best independent expert for you.

Dispute resolution is a way of resolving a dispute by avoiding going to court (not always possible). The selection of an independent expert is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the outcome of the dispute resolution process.

Take the time to research and choose someone who possesses the necessary expertise, credibility, and compatibility with your specific needs.

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  • Sitting Out Licence Hospitality

In July 2023 we spoke on the sitting out licence for the hospitality sector.

We discussed the changes to the sitting out licence that were put in place this September.

During the pandemic many pubs and restaurants were given permission by the UK government, to create outdoor seating on pavements and roads.

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And finally this year our managing director Jon qualified as an Arbitrator. Lots of hard work and well deserved. Massive congratulations Jon!

Upcoming in 2024… 

To start off the year of 2024 we are holding a workshop on the 24th of January. Tickets are free but there is a limited number so don’t forget to grab them now! If you want to learn more about commerical leases and rent reviews, please join us in person at our free workshop.

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Lease and rent review workshop

On: Wednesday the 24th of January 2024

Please sign up using the following link Lease and rent review workshop.

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