Investing in Industrial units for the future?

Investing in Industrial units for the future?

The rise in Industrial/warehouse rents now make investing in industrial units a real prospect – What has changed and why?

With the Covid-19 pandemic it has been important for business/operators to have storage/distribution centres outside of cities centres. This takes the pressure off high street retail units to have large areas for storage of stock. This is especially important for retail units as they command higher rents. There is also a policy which seems to be gathering pace for local councils to ban diesels/lorries from city centres. Some of these areas are partly pedestrianised or frequented by large numbers of scooters and pedestrians.

This policy in the long term will likely be good for our high streets and city centres. It may also boost residential and leisure use. However, this means that there is a growing need for distribution hubs outside of city centres to ensure goods and stock can get to outlets.

Rents for warehouses has moved from an average of £9 per square foot to £15 per square foot in Bristol making investing in industrial space good for potential future profit.

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