How We Value Your Business….

How We Value Your Business….

One of the questions we frequently get asked is ‘how do you value a business?’ It’s not a case of plucking a figure out of thin air. Nor is it a case of being guided by the rosy expectations of the owner. We are specialists in the Public House, Restaurant, Leisure, Care, Pharmacy and Dental sectors. We’ve got 20 years of experience in valuing and selling these types of businesses and we put in a great deal of research and work to arrive at a realistic, market price we believe the business could achieve. We provide a free initial consultation to establish what your business is worth in the current market place.

Owners can sometimes be disappointed at our valuation. However, honesty is one of JS Reakes’ core values, we want to help people sell their businesses not flatter egos.
Many of our clients make contact with us months before putting their business up for sale as part of their exit strategy planning. We can advise on how best to present accounts, the importance of getting signed contracts in place for future work (as opposed to word of mouth agreements) and other important considerations to get your business in the best possible shape for sale.

Our strategy

When it comes to selling a business we charge a fixed fee regardless of how long it takes to sell. Our friendly, highly ethical approach wins us business, often in the face of stiff competition from larger national agencies.

We recently sold the iconic Beese’s Bar and Tea Gardens in Bristol. We sold it for very near the asking price after a long and sometimes challenging journey. The vendors were delighted and said: “It took us a long time to find the right agent, but when we met with Jon Reakes we just knew we would rather go with them than a big national agent”. Beese’s was never going to be an easy business to sell. But we didn’t want it to go to anyone who wouldn’t take it forward. We also wanted the buyer to feel as passionate about it as we do.

“JS Reakes Ltd gave us a personalised service that was very thoughtful and thorough. I really appreciated the fact that they understood the particular quirks of us and the business and didn’t try to shove a round peg into a square hole for the sake of a quick sale.”

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