How COVID-19 is going to impact office spaces

How COVID-19 is going to impact office spaces

How COVID-19 is going to impact office spaces, here are our thoughts…

We don’t believe that working from home is going to become the standard after the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we do believe that working from home is not going to be just a short-term situation for many.

It’s likely that current office set-ups will have to be rethought in terms of space and quality to a certain degree. This pushes towards a safer and more welcoming space for employees, driven by sustainability, technology and demographics. However, we believe the need for offices will likely not disappear.

Technology has already undoubtedly become a huge help for people who work from home, many don’t have a separate space from family, pets or household distractions. For us personally we have three children, our dog and a business to run all from home. Luckily, we have a separate office space but the strain was felt by everyone, especially the broadband!

Opportunity for change?

Due to the differences in preference for working at home or at an office, we believe companies should invest in spaces and plans that provide for both groups of people.  It is likely that there are going to be opportunities to change the way we use buildings and working environments for the better but, will we take them??

A more collaborative relationship between landlords, tenants and local authorities is going to be vital. Starting by retail and leisure sectors moving towards performance related rents. Then changing the view of our town and city centers to living spaces and adapting urban planning to suit this. We believe these may be ways in which the working world adapts to new issues and changes in the future.

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