Good News All the way from Kenya! - JS Reakes
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Good news from Kenya!

Good News All the way from Kenya!

It’s great to be part of some good news!

Good news all the way from Kenya. In 2014 JS Reakes sponsored the shirts for a Nailsea junior football team. We didn’t think of the shirts lasting more than a couple of years.  We certainly did not expect the impact to go far beyond the North Somerset/Bristol location. However, we were contacted at the end of last year with this photo of our shirts being worn by local children in a Kenyan village. Thanks to the work of three Nailsea police officers, the shirts were donated by Nailsea Juniors along with other donations from the wider community.

We were delighted that our small investment in the local football club has had a wider impact. We are loving the photos and we wanted to share the good news. Thank you to all who organised this including The Divinity Foundation, Nailsea community, Nailsea and Backwell Rugby Club, Nailsea Juniors and Nailsea and Tickenham football clubs. It is great to see a local initiative having a much wider impact.

It is always a good idea to invest in local clubs, it can have a wider impact than originally planned.

Thank you to all the above for your efforts from  JSReakes Ltd

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