Effective Dispute Resolution

Effective Dispute Resolution

In this months article we take a look at effective dispute resolution. Finding an independent expert can help in resolving commercial disputes and their expertise can make a difference in finding fair solutions.

Dispute resolution is a way of resolving a dispute by avoiding going to court however this is not always possible. Disputes can be resolved by negotiation, mediation, Litigation and Arbitration.  An independent expert is someone who doesn’t take sides. They look at the problem without any personal interests, making their opinion fair and neutral. Their expertise helps them understand the dispute better and provide an unbiased point of view.

Knowledge and experience

Commercial disputes can be complicated, involving technical or specialised aspects. An independent expert has deep knowledge and experience in a specific field related to the dispute. They understand the technical details and can provide valuable insights to help both parties make informed decisions.

Making the process easier

By engaging an independent expert, you can simplify the resolution process. They have the skills to assess the problem, identify the important areas, and focus on finding solutions quickly. This saves time and resources, allowing everyone involved to reach an agreement faster.


Commercial disputes often involve sensitive information. An independent expert understands the importance of confidentiality. They ensure that all the private details remain private, allowing the parties to discuss and share necessary information freely without worries about it getting leaked.

Working Together for a Resolution

Unlike going to court, an independent expert encourages a cooperative approach. They want both parties to talk openly, negotiate in a positive way, and come up with creative solutions. Their goal is to help find a resolution that works for everyone involved and maintains good relationships for the future.

When facing a commercial dispute, finding an effective resolution is crucial. An independent expert brings numerous benefits, such as providing a fair opinion, specialised knowledge, a smoother process, and maintaining confidentiality. By using their expertise, parties can navigate complex disputes more easily and reach a fair resolution.

Our advice

The selection of an independent expert is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the outcome of the dispute resolution process. Take the time to research and choose someone who possesses the necessary expertise, credibility, and compatibility with your specific needs. Many large firms will have experts and the RICS also has a dispute resolution service.

Our expertise is in commercial property and licenced leisure. If you need any advice or would like to talk through your options you can contact us by email, leave a message with our office team or click on the following link  Contact us.

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