Could it be the perfect time to invest in Weston-super-Mare? -
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Freehold sale

Could it be the perfect time to invest in Weston-super-Mare?

The ambitious plans to invest in Weston-super-Mare are set out in the North Somerset Council – Prospectus for Change and are likely to change Weston super Mare for good. As a result other investors are starting to come on board as Weston’s profile increases. A recent Guardian Article referred to the town as Bristol’s Margate.

Legal and General acquired the Sovereign Shopping Centre in partnership with North Somerset Council this enabled the council to retain over 60% of the shopping centre’s income to re-invest in Weston-super-Mare. Banksy brought Dismaland to Weston in 2015 and despite a small amount of irony involved 150,000 people visited. This brought approximately £20m into the town. The Arts Council have a great presence in Weston super Mare. The arts council are involved in transforming the former Tropicana site with Arts events, gigs and club nights. Many interesting places to eat and drink are improving the appeal of the town. All of this attracts more visitors beyond the loyal holiday makers in summer months.

Weston also has plans for further good quality housing and has Weston College which is becoming a popular education and training facility with state of the art facilities.  These are making Weston-super-Mare an attractive town for private investment and business. Which is why we think its the perfect time to invest in Weston-super-Mare.

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