Choosing a Commercial Property Advisor

Choosing a Commercial Property Advisor

Happy Pride Month. Celebrate Pride day in Bristol on Saturday 8th July 2023.


In this months article we look at what we believe are some of the essential qualities and experiences to consider when selecting a commercial property advisor.

How do you decide, on a commercial property advisor? As this may be the biggest commercial investment or business decision your about to make, finding expert advice can positively affect your overall success.

Expertise and knowledge Chartered surveyors with RICS qualifications who value commercial property should be knowledgeable of the local and surrounding area. They should also be able to provide you with up-to-date accurate information. Many Chartered surveying firms specialise in several areas such as Licenced leisure, Healthcare and Commercial: retail/industrial/offices.

Professional track record How long the company or person has been working in the industry is important. They will have professional relationships with other business in the area. Looking for client reviews or testimonials online and on their website will give you a feel for how they work.

Strong network connections A well connected commercial property advisor will have access to off the market deals. They will also know of other essential professionals such as local solicitors and building surveyors and should be able to provide contact details of several for you to approach.

Effective communication and transparency Open and effective communication is crucial. You should feel listened to, be kept well informed and your questions answered promptly. Their website should give you a good outline of the services they offer and be updated regularly. You should be able to see the individual/s that work at the company.

Making informed decisions is key to achieving your long-term success. Choosing the right commercial property advisor requires careful consideration of their expertise, professional track record, network and communication skills. By keeping these qualities and experiences in mind you can increase your chances of finding a reliable commercial property advisor to work with you to achieve your long term plans and overall success.

Our expertise is in commercial property: offices and retail, licenced leisure: Pubs and restaurants and Medical: Pharmacies and Dental Practices. If you need any advice or would like to talk through your future plans you can contact us by email, leave a message with our office team or click on the following link  Contact us.


Happy Pride Month from JS Reakes Ltd. Celebrate Pride day in Bristol on Saturday 8th July.



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