About Us
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About Us

JS Reakes provides advice for clients across the South West of England on business, commercial and residential property. JS Reakes Ltd was set up in 2012 to provide tailor made advice and good customer service. We also wanted to provide an alternative to the large corporate companies for property and business owners. As a family team we have over 25 years of commercial property experience and take great personal pride in offering you the very best advice and support. We believe business and property owners deserve access to professional, independent, customer focused advice. From experts who not only know their stuff but really care about doing the very best for their clients. To learn more, here is a link to our what we do page.

The way we work

We focus on providing relevant advice, tailored to your requirements so that you can make the right business choices. We believe in transparent and independent business relationships and communicate in whatever way works best for you. JS Reakes’s marketing is adapted to suit your needs because we don’t believe that one size fits all. At JS Reakes we care about finding the right solution, that’s best for you and the sustainable success of your business.


Jon Reakes - Managing Director at JS Reakes (About Us)Jon Reakes – Managing Director

Jon Reakes has an in-depth knowledge of pubs, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies and dental practices. He has gained experience as an estates manager and retail valuer for large pub companies over the years. In private practice he managed the valuations services department of Christie + Co in the Bristol office, and was National Valuation Director of the pharmacy specialist Orridge. Jon has experience across all elements of Agency, Valuation, Property Management and Landlord and Tenant and Planning. He also has a proven track record in business development and people management.





Jill Reakes - Marketing Director at JS Reakes (About Us)Jill Reakes – Marketing Director

Jill Reakes has been working for JS Reakes for over four years after joining in 2015. Her nursing career working in the NHS allowed her to gain a wealth of knowledge in customer service and management by working in teaching hospitals across the South and South West of England. Jill oversees the marketing of the business where she updates the website with new business sales and blogs. She also runs the business on a day to day basis including the social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter.