A New Chapter for The Hatchet Inn Bristol - JS Reakes
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The Hatchet Inn

A New Chapter for The Hatchet Inn Bristol

The Hatchet Inn Bristol

A new chapter for The Hatchet Inn Bristol. We are delighted to have found a good operator and to have agreed terms for this iconic pub in the heart of Bristol.

This is a great start for  JW Bassett pubs and we wish them all the best with their plans for The Hatchet Inn, adding the next chapter to its history.

It has been a rollercoaster of a year, only this time last year we were in our first lockdown and here we are coming out of our third.  There is a long way to go for many businesses that are struggling to recover however, it is beginning to look much brighter for many.
A few words from Jon Bassett of JW Bassett Pubs
“JW Bassett Pubs  are delighted to have agreed terms and secured The Hatchet. As a company formed in 2003 we’ve known and loved everything about this pub having occupied the Crown in St Nicholas Market for 10 years since 2005. The Hatchet is an institution in Bristol & we are proud to become its custodian. I’d like to thank Jon Reakes of JS Reakes for his work in this process
Personally its great to be back in the area as my first pub was Corkers next to The Horn & Trumpet (now Drawbridge) with Bass Brewers in 1990. We have big plans for the pub without changing any of its charm. Its going to be more of the same but with a quality offer utilising all areas of this great pub.   We can’t wait”     Jon Bassett
Here is a link to the Bristol Post article after they spoke with Jon Bassett:


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